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Beverly Newspapers 1909-1912

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Taft Links

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C-Span's American Presidents Series Home PAGE

The Beverly Historical Society - The folks who's Taft Collection made this site possible.

The Taft Museum

A Wm. H. Taft Genealogy Site

A New England Genealogy Research Site

Taft Soundbite site

My latest web site, a Civil War site, The John H. Chipman, Jr., Post #89 G.A.R. Hall.

Old House Web: Taft's Summer House

A Taft Link page

The White House First Ladies Site - Nellie Herron Taft

Wm. H. Taft NHS Homepage

Taft Sculpture

Wm. H. Taft's Bathtub

Photo of Taft Gravesite at Arlington Cemetery

Visiting Taft's Grave [with your guide Mr. Manus Hand]

The Political Graveyard - Taft

The Masonic Presidents Tour - William H. Taft

The Royal Descent of William Howard Taft

Taft Family Association

Taft Family Genealogical Forum

ISI’s Ranking of American Presidents, Taft is ranked 13th

Wm. H. Taft -Another Bio Page

Who2's Wm. H. Taft Profile Page

William H. Taft - Another Taft Page at

AITLC Guide to Wm. H. Taft

Wm. H. Taft High School - San Antonio, TX

Stereoscopic View of Taft

Chicago Historical Society - 1908 Election Page

Taft University Research Sources -Other Sites

USA: End of the road - Taft Link Page

Internet Public Library - POTUS - Wm. H. Taft

Charles Evans Hughes - Taft - Associate Justice


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