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Beverly Newspapers 1909-1912

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Beverly Newspapers


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July 1st, 1911:  The Saturday Morning Citizen reported that, "President Taft and family are expected in Beverly Saturday.   The President will remain over Sunday, but is not expected he will spend much time in Beverly.  His family will occupy their new summer home.

July 8th, 1911:  The Saturday Morning Citizen stated,"The coming of President Taft and family last Saturday created but little excitement; probably a hundred people were at Montserrat station when his train pulled in, conspicuous being the Boston newspaper photographers.  He immediately motored to his new summer home which he saw for the first time.  He expressed himself pleased with the arrangement."

July 29th, 1911:  The Saturday Morning Citizen reported that "Monday morning he [Pres. Taft] started to play golf but the first rain in three weeks put an end to his sport.  In the afternoon he started on his return trip to Washington [DC]."

August 5th, 1911:  The Saturday Morning Citizen, mentioned that,"It is announced that President Taft will arrive here next week, and will make the summer capital his headquarters until October, although he has many engagements to speak, and will be here only occasionally."

August 12th, 1911:  The Saturday Morning Citizen, reported, "President Taft arrived in Beverly about 9 o'clock Friday morning, having motored down from Boston, coming on the express from Washington.  He will devote today to golf and will probably attend the Old South church Sunday.   Monday afternoon he returns to Washington.  Secretary Hilles accompanied him as far as New York City."

August 19th, 1911:  The Saturday Morning Citizen announced, "The motor containing the President and Mrs. Taft and Maj. Butt collided with another auto in Salem, Saturday afternoon, the latter being disabled and unable to proceed.  President Taft's yacht the 'Mayflower', is in the harbor and will make its headquarters here.  President Taft is using a new 66 h.p. Pierce-Arrow seven passenger auto 1912 model.  Four battleships coming into Beverly harbor for the week's end promise to keep the interest in the summer capital."

September 2nd, 1911:  The Saturday Morning Citizen reported, "He [Pres. Taft] leaves Beverly Sept. 17th for a whirlwind trip through the west, and it is no small task to plan the trip and arrange the details.....President Taft left yesterday in the 'Mayflower' for a short cruise along the Maine coast."

September 16th, 1911:  The Saturday Morning Citizen informed us that, "President Taft bade goodbye to the summer capital yesterday and started on his 31,000 miles journey.   President Taft's last days in Beverly were busy ones and he had a large number of callers, including Baron Uchida, the Japanese ambassador, Rear Admiral Ching Pih Kwang of the Chinese Navy, several cabinet officers and people who wanted him to assist at some functions."

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April 27th, 1912:  The Saturday Morning Citizen received a paid front page "political ad" from the Taft League of Massachusetts promoting Taft's reelection in November of 1912. [see below]

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July 6th, 1912:  The Saturday Morning Citizen headline read, "PRESIDENT TAFT AT SUMMER WHITE HOUSE" and "BEVERLY GIVES HIM A ROUSING FOURTH OF JULY GREETING- GREAT CROWDS SEE THE ARRIVAL AND PARADE"   "Beverly's 4th of July celebration was a great, although it was gotten up in a hurry.  Secretary A. E. Kilham of the Taft Club was the prime mover and received assistance from many citizens.

August 31st, 1912:  The Saturday Morning Citizen reported, " President Taft arrived in Beverly Tuesday morning rather unexpectedly.....  It is expected President Taft will remain in Beverly until October, although he will be away considerable a part of the time."

October 26th 1912: The Saturday Morning Citizen announced "PRESIDENT TAFT SAYS GOOD-BYE"

November 2nd 1912: The Saturday Morning Citizen had another "political ad" this time a reprint of a October 19, 1912 Boston Herald Editorial urging Taft reelection in on the following Tuesday.

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