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Beverly Newspapers 1909-1912

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Beverly Newspapers


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May 21, 1910: The Saturday Morning Citizen, stated, "The Summer White House is being put into shape for President Taft.  While it is not definitely settled just when he will arrive, the family are expected early next month....With the coming of the President to Beverly there has been a lively demand for accommodations of those who will follow him.  Capt. A. W. Butt, his military aid will summer with H. O. Woodbury at his cottage off Ober Street, and the Capt. will have as his guest Capt. Sowerby, the military attaché of the British legation at Washington....Capt. C. R. Train will be in command of the President's yacht, the Sylph and will bring his family to Beverly....The President will do little traveling away from Beverly and the Myopia and Essex county golf links will see even more of him than last year... It is expected that former President Roosevelt will be among our distinguished visitors this summer."

July 2nd 1910:  The Saturday Morning Citizen, headlines read: [see below]

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"Life at the Summer Capital is in full swing, President Taft arrived Wednesday morning on a special train.....Former President Roosevelt made is first visit to Beverly Thursday, coming by auto and remained at President Taft's summer home a few hours."

July 16th 1910:  The Saturday Morning Citizen reported, "President Taft is going away for sea voyage next week"

July 30th 1910:  The Saturday Morning Citizen stated, "The principal item this week is the removal of the executive offices from the Board of Trade rooms to the Pickering house on Lothrop St.....the cottage consists of thirteen rooms, and a bath..... President Taft has returned form Maine but not as soon as he expected as his yacht was delayed by fog.  He will go to Provincetown next week to attend the dedication of the Pilgrim memorial."

August 6th, 1910:  The Saturday Morning Citizen reported, "Vice President Sherman, made a short visit in Beverly, Monday calling on President Taft.  President Montt of Chile, is expected to arrive in Beverly today, he will come from Boston on the U.S.S. Mayflower."

August 20th 1910:  The Saturday Morning Citizen mentioned, "Both the Mayflower and the Sylph have been in the harbor the past few days...The death of President Montt of Chile has a local interest as he was a recent visitor to Beverly.... He died on his arrival at Breman."

September 3rd, 1910:  The Saturday Morning Citizen headline read. [see below]

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"Beverly had another record breaking crowd Wednesday afternoon when President Taft laid the cornerstone of the new Y.M.C.A. building on Cabot and Essex Street."

October 8th, 1910:  The Saturday Morning Citizen, reported, "President Taft will remain in Beverly one more week....The Summer White House is to be torn down to make room for an Italian garden.  It is a much better residence than most of us live in but not good enough for a millionaire.  it is hoped Mrs. Evans will follow the other owners of Italian gardens in Wellesley and Lakewood."

October 22nd, 1910:  The Saturday Morning Citizen, noted, "President Taft left Beverly Monday and the summer white house is to be torn down. The exit of the chief magistrate was marked by one of the largest crowds which has gathered in the city.  The school children were given a holiday and they turned out in large numbers."

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